Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joan Elliott's NEW Flower Fairy Series

We are excited to share four of the six upcoming Flower Fairy designs by Joan Elliott. The “Daffodil Fairy” is the first of the series and can be seen in the #193 issue of the Cross Stitch Collection. The second is the “Iris Fairy” and can be seen in the #194 issue of the Cross Stitch Collection. The “Poppy Fairy” is the third fairy in the series seen in issue #195 and the newest fairy is the “Rose Fairy” seen in the #196 issue of Cross Stitch Collection. These wonderful designs are sure to make anyone smile as it reminds us of the nature’s beauty that is all around us.
We offer a complete list of accessories for each design from the fabric to floss to beads.  All the accessories needed to complete these wonderful designs can be purchased through Stitch-It Central.
For those looking to purchase issues of the Cross Stitch Collection Magazine, Stitch-It Central will be carrying them starting in April. All PRE-ORDERS can be submitted to
*Please note that the Flower Fairy Series is only available in the Cross Stitch Collection Magazine (Issues 193-196).  
"Daffodil Fairy" by Joan Elliott

"Iris Fairy" by Joan Elliott

"Poppy Fairy" by Joan Elliott

"Rose Fairy" by Joan Elloitt

New Products

Stitch-It Central has new products to share with you from Nora Corbett, Country Cottage Needleworks and Little House Needleworks.

Nora Corbett Designs
Nora Corbett has come out with two new wonderful designs. One is from the Snow Globe Village Series entitled “Little Snowy Green Cottage”. This cute design is the newest chart from the Snow Globe Village Series, the second in the series and just as delightful as the first.  "Caprice" is the other design to come Nora Corbett. This lovely design is part of the Muse Collection.  

"Little Snowy Green Cottage" part of the Snow Globe Village Series

"Caprice" part of the Muse Collection

Country Cottage Needleworks

From Country Cottage Needleworks, we have two new designs to announce. The first one is entitled “April Showers”. With April just around the corner, this chart is a great reminder of the wonderful spring weather that will be heading our way. The other design to come from Country Cottage is entitled “Simplicity Vintage”. This wonderful design was stitch using four different shades of the DMC floss. Both designs would be great as a gift or as a project for yourself.  

"April Showers"

"Simplicity Vintage"

 Little House Needleworks

Lastly we have from Little House Needleworks the third design from the 2011 Ornament series. “Deck the Halls” is just as beautiful as the previous designs to come from Little House Needleworks.

"Deck the Halls" part of the 2011 Ornament Series

Friday, March 18, 2011

Get Rewarded for Stitching: For all our Online Customers

Stitch-It Central wants to reward you for stitching. If anyone that completes a chart that was purchased through Stitch-It Central, sends us a picture of the completed work and receive 40 Stitch-It Points in return, valid for any future order.

Simply send us a high resolution picture of the finished piece and we will notify you by email if you qualified for Stitch-It Points.

These are the requirements in order to receive Stitch-It Points.
* One picture of the finished project with the original order number placed with Stitch-It Central
* One picture of work-in-progress
* The picture should be taken straight on and of high resolution
* Picture must include your initials, your city and date of completion on a piece of paper placed on the completed chart in order for you to get credit for it.
All of the above criteria must be met in order to receive Stitch-It Points.

Please send all pictures to We can’t wait to view all the wonderful designs.

Cross Stitch Magazines Coming Soon to Stitch-It Central

Attention friends and followers, Stitch-It Central is excited to announce that we will be carrying your favorite cross stitch magazines starting in April, as posted on the Joan Elliott's Blog. We will be carrying a wide variety of magazines such as:
Cross Stitch Collection
Cross Stitch Gold
Cross Stitch Crazy
Cross Stitcher
The World of Cross Stitching
For those customers wishing to pre-order a magazine please contact us by email All pre-order items will be shipped out when the magazines arrive in store in April. J

Cross Stitch Collection

Cross Stitch Gold

Cross Stitch Crazy

Cross Stitcher

The World of Cross Stitching

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Customer Stitching

From Stoney Creek's  Best of Stoney Creek Stockings II (Book #388)
Stitched by Our Friend Stella

From Stoney Creek's "Hanging Around for Christmas" (Book #411)
Stitched by Our Friend Stella

We have a few new customer photos to share. The first one is from Book #388 from Stoney Creek entitled “Book 388 Best of Stoney Creek Stockings II” the other also comes from Stoney Creek, Book #411 entitled “Hanging Around for Christmas”. Both where stitch by our friend Stella. For more information on these books, please click on the link below.

"Hanging Around for Christmas" Book - Click Here

Book 388 "Best of Stoney Creek Stockings II" Link

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Customer Stitching

Right to Left: Little House Needleworks "Winter Sheep", "Peppermint Twist" and "Cardinal Winter"
Stitched by our Friend Carmen

Lizzie Kate - "Forgive Quickly" Stitch by our Friend Carmen

Lavender & Lace - "Angel of Freedom" Stitched by our friend Yme

Here are a few customer pictures. The first few pictures are of the Little House Needle Works Ornament Collection stitched by our friend Carmen. The second photo is of Lizzie Kate’s “Forgive Quickly” also stitched by Carmen. Lastly our friend Yme stitch the Lavender & Lace design entitled “Angel of Freedom”. Both Carmen and Yme captured the beauty of the each design with their stitching. For more information regarding these designs please click on the link below. If anyone is interested in having their progress pictures/completed pictures on our blog please email us at Have a great week.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stitch A long Work in Progress

Group Picture (Stitched By: Carmen, Maria, Eveline and Isolde)

Stitched by Colleen

Stitched By Dixie

Stitched By Wilma

This week at Stitch-It Central is the third week for our Rosewood Manor Stitch A Long. Our Group has been working hard each week to complete the weekly portions of the “Quaker Diamonds” Chart. Check back often to view weekly updates. For more information please click on the link below.



Dimensions Kits

Stitch-It Central has two great sales going on (in-store only). We are offering 20% off on all Dimensions Kits* and 15% off on all Accessories* (*excluding all new arrivals). Stop by and check out our wide selections of kits and accessories to choose from. Hurry in as this sale is for one week only. (Saturday March 12, 2011 – Saturday March 19, 2011). Have a great week.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Six NEW Charts from Joan Elliott

Earth Goddess (Issue #188), Blue Geisha, Father Christmas, Summer Geisha, Native American Maiden and Native American Brave

Joan Elliott’s wonderful new designs are available for pre-order through Stitch-It Central Online. Click on the link below for more details.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Sales!

"Fall Fairy" from the Gold Collection-Dimensions

Stitch-It Central has two great online sales going on for the month of March. Our current coupon offers 15% off All Dimensions Kits (while quantities last). Customers wishing to purchase a Dimensions Kit with the 15% discount will have to type in the code “DMG11” upon checkout*. To view our Dimensions selection of kits, please click on the link below.

The Design Works Kits sale from February has been extended to the month of March. Click on the “Sales of the Month” link on the Stitch-It Central homepage to view the selection of kits on sale OR click on the link below.

 *It is the customers responsible to enter in the coupon code upon checkout to access the 15% dicount on the Dimensions products.

A NEW Joan Elliott Design

"Poppy Fairy"

Joan Elliott has come out with a wonderful new design entitled “Poppy Fairy” which is the third design in the Flower Fairy Series in the Cross Stitch Collection magazine. This design will only be available in the March Issue of The Cross Stitch Collection (Issue #195). All accessories needed to complete the “Poppy Fairy” can be purchased through Stitch-It Central online. Click on the link below for more information.

Stitch-It Central Stitch Along Update

Today marks the second get together for the women involved in the Rosewood Manor stitch along happening at the Stitch-It Central Retail Store. The women have completed the first section of the “Quaker Diamonds” chart and are now work on the second portion of today.

First section completed (Week One)

Eveline's Stitching

Carmen's Stitching

Maria's Stitching

Dixie's Stitching

Isolde's Stitching

Group Photo