Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Product: Lizzie Kate's "Halloween Rules"

Hello everyone, we are excited to tell you that Lizzie Kate has a new set of "Double Flip" Rules coming out, to be relased at the end of this month starting with "Wear a Costume". The other rules will be released at a later date, but you can pre-order all six rules, which will be delieverd when they come into Stitch-it Central.

 "Halloween Rules" is much like "Christmas Rules" by Lizzie Kate. There are six "Double Flip" Rules altogether, each comes with two rules pre chart.

Lizzie Kate also offers a FREE top border graph to get you started on the "Halloween Rules". 

 The Rules
-"Wear a Costume"
-"Eat Candy"
-"Visit a Haunted House"
-"Scare a Crow"
-"Carve a Pumpkin"
-"Stay up Late"
-"Mind Your Mummy"
-"Sit for a Spell"
-"Brew Some Fun"
-"Greet a Ghost"
-"Howl at the Moon"
-"Be Spooktacular"

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  1. This is so cute...can't wait to get started on this one!!!